3A Aluminum Alloys Co.
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As a 3A Aluminum Alloys we accept modern, contemporary and horizontal management understanding.

In our managers, we want our managers to be free and team spirited, active in problem solution and making decision, successful in management and following of the stable change, have leadership characteristics, pay attention to evaluation and learning about performance, active in organization and creation of the goals and pay also attention to the all customers.

Our aim:

  • To offer productions of good quality in respect to the costumer demands,
  • To continue to be leader in Aluminum Alloys (Ingot) sector,
  • To work for the customers' satisfaction by informing them about 3A management and to achieve common goals together,

Our Understanding For Costumer:

  • The summary of our mission that makes us closer to the customer and our quality understanding are below.
  • To be a company that is appreciated
  • To be respectful to the environment and the rules
  • To be a preferred company by the consumer and to provide the customers' satisfaction.

The primary principles we appreciate to reach these aims:

  • To present competitive productions to the customer when they are evaluated with service quality,
  • To be rapid in service before and after sale,
  • To be reachable all the time,
  • To think in creative and modern way to offer the most perfect production,
  • To use the latest technology and thus to be reliable company.